Our journey began with…
Previously, we were a large media company spending over $100,000 annually on transcoding live streams. However, we discovered a game-changing technology – the Nvidia Jetson Nano. After conducting experiments, we found this device to be extremely efficient for transcoding, enabling us to significantly reduce our costs to just $5,000 annually for the same volume of streams.

This breakthrough led to the development of Visioniks. We have since expanded to become a separate entity, focusing on creating eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions for video encoding, neural networks, and artificial intelligence applications.



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The 3U AI Array is a powerful all-in-one solution optimized for high-performance computing in video decoding/encoding and artificial intelligence applications. It is an energy-efficient and cost-effective array designed to support up to 42 Nvidia® Jetson™ AGX modules.

The 3U server chassis can accommodate:


The server’s modular architecture offers flexible configuration options tailored to specific needs.

All modules are interconnected via an Ethernet network with 42x1Gbps downlink and 2x10Gbps uplink.

Out-of-band management, monitoring, and control of the entire server, modules, and peripherals are achieved through a dedicated Single Board Computer based on the Intel x86 architecture, featuring a web interface.

Supported operating systems:

Key benefits:

State-of-the-art Nvidia® Jetson™ AGX technology

Top-end performance capabilities

Modular and scalable architecture supporting up to 42 processing modules

Monitoring and control of each individual module

Low power consumption

Redundant power supply for increased reliability

High-density efficiency within a 3U form factor

Processing Modules Up to 42 Nvidia® Jetson™ AGX modules in various combinations:
- Nvidia® Jetson™ AGX Orin 32/64
- Nvidia® Jetson™ AGX Xavier 32/64
Processing Module Carriers
  • Server includes up to 2х Motherboards
  • Each Motherboard includes up to 7x Module Carriers
  • Each Module Carrier includes up to 3 Processing Modules
  • Summary: 42 Processing modules (2x7x3)
Management controller Single Board Computer AAEON UP2 v2 with Intel x86 CPU as management controller.
Out-of-band network by one interface on front and in band by second.
Processing Modules Monitoring: startup status, temperature, resources load.
Processing Modules Control: power on/off, reset, UART serial console, USB recovery for firmware upgrade, network.
Peripheral Monitoring and Control: ethernet switch, power supply, FAN cooling, faults.
Server Access: Ethernet 1G, Serial console.
Web-interface: Log, history, user management, export/import configuration.
Linux L4T OS
Network Internal switch Mikrotik® CRS326 with Router OS or Switch OS:
  • Uplink: external 2x10Gbps SFP+
  • Internal links: 1Gbps Ethernet RJ45
External Connectors
2x10Gbps SFP+
1x1Gbps RJ45
RS-232 serial RJ45
2xAC power
Indicators (LED)
Server power
Standby power
AC power status
Power Supply FSP®FC210 with 2 FSP2000-20FM modules 2U server power supply
90~264 VAC
Dual redundant CRPS 2.0
2000W each module
80 Plus Platinum
PMbus support
Cooling - Passive heatsinks: Processing Modules, Switch Unit, Management Controller
- Fans: 4x Delta® FFB0812XHXHC 80x25mm, 9000RPM, 4x92 CFM with auto control
- 4 zones temperature control for speed control and overheat shutdown.
Dimensions Standard 3U 19` Rack Mount
480x800x132mm (LxWxH)