Our journey began with…
Previously, we were a large media company spending over $100,000 annually on transcoding live streams. However, we discovered a game-changing technology – the Nvidia Jetson Nano. After conducting experiments, we found this device to be extremely efficient for transcoding, enabling us to significantly reduce our costs to just $5,000 annually for the same volume of streams.

This breakthrough led to the development of Visioniks. We have since expanded to become a separate entity, focusing on creating eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions for video encoding, neural networks, and artificial intelligence applications.



71, Undola, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 4000


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Our team at Hackathon Bulgaria 2023 event

The Visioniks team recently took part in the Hackathon Bulgaria 2023 event in Sofia, presenting cost-effective and energy-efficient server solutions based on Nvidia® Jetson™ technologies for video transcoding and AI. Our presentation centered on security solutions for law enforcement agencies and military organizations using AI analysis. Our participation in the event was a great chance […]